To every Calcuttan whose passion lies in dancing, DNA Danceworks is, without question, a familiar name: it is an institute whose very character has charmed the city, and whose every aspect has left, on each of its students, an indelible impression. The company was founded in 2005 by Dorothy and Amit Shaw, two individuals whose deepest and most profound interests were situated in the realm of dance. Their professional careers began in 1995, and after 10 years of arduous work, they decided to start spreading the education that they had gathered over the years. This is how, through immense perseverance and tenacity, DNA was born.
Each founder and every instructor at DNA shares a vision: this vision is to overcome the various impediments that Indian dancers face by providing to the students an authentic Western class format, thereby instilling in them a knowledge of international dance culture. Unlike a quintessential dance school in this part of the world, DNA truly allows dance enthusiasts to feel at home at just about any dance platform that there is.
2009 marked the beginning of the company’s involvement in fitness; 2011 marked the elevation of this involvement by  bringing Zumba fitness to Eastern India with numerous licensed instructors. In 2013, Amit Shaw, co-founder of DNA, undertook a life-changing journey – one that proved to be a great asset to the place – at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. After intense and consuming months of learning from some of the most acclaimed dancers, he received a diploma in dance from possibly the most distinguished place in the international dance community.

The DNA that we see today not only motivates its students to grow, but also compels them to gain the confidence required to do so by showcasing their talent at international dance festivals; it not only refines their technique, but also teaches them to dance from the heart; it not only trains them to dance, but also shows them how express the myriad of emotions that the very connotations of the word ‘dance’ hold. In short, DNA has grown tremendously since its foundation, and aspires to reach extraordinary heights in the future.

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