For as long as I can remember, dancing has been a consequential part of my life. It has been a focal aspect of my very existence, a part that has lifted my spirits when I’ve been low, has allowed me to manifest a labyrinth of emotions, and has moulded my personality in inexplicable ways, imparting tremendous confidence to my very identity. Because I do not wish to underplay the role that DNA has played in my journey as a dancer, I say with utmost conviction that it has been my supreme force of inspiration all these years. From the perspective of a student, I could elaborate on countless aspects of the institute that appeal to the quintessential Calcuttan dancer – the variety of forms taught, the emphasis on technical impeccability – but to me, the most special idiosyncrasy of the place is its inspiriting character. From the moment that I became a part of it, I was taught that movement comes from the heart: among many other things, I was taught to connect with an audience, with a space, with a floor, with my thoughts, with myself. Besides being exposed to different genres of music and being acquainted with the works of many artists, I was taught to dive deeper into the nuances of those very pieces and those very works.

It would be impossible to accurately list the number of things that I have learned during my personal experience at DNA, so I just like to say that I’m very grateful for every opportunity that I’ve been given here, every performance in which I’ve been included, and every instructor who has shared a piece of himself/herself with every new movement, heartening every part of me enormously.